• What to wear for a Portrait Session…

    The main question for the session is, what do we wear?

    • Usually, we do the shoot on location, for the girls I always recommend wearing flat shoes for walking and if you prefer heels bring them with you. A lot of times we are walking through the woods, parks or beaches. This can be a lot on your feet.
    • Keep it simple. If you want something a little more formal make sure you are all dressed the same. You can always do a little bit of both, but remember that if we are in a public place we have to be very creative about changing rooms.
    • Colors It’s important to keep your personalities in the photos. Using the same color scheme is always best. Using different tones of the same color can work if you have a family portrait. The layered look is great too. You have to keep in mind not to wear anything to busy. Plaids next to stripes, doesn’t work very well.
    • Keep with your season. Winter colors are more, blues, grays, and browns. Fall colors are more browns, and reds. Summer and spring are pastels and whites. just to give you and idea.
    • Keep with your location. If you are having the session at a beach, keep it simple, casual and soft. If you have the session in a lobby of an elegant hotel or building, you may want it to be more formal. If it is a backdrop head shot shoot keep with solids. If you go with something too busy it can take away from you being the subject.
    • The best advice I can give is just to be yourself.
    • If you have questions, please ask!
    • Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!