• About Jennifer

    Photography has been a passion for me since the day my Dad first put a camera into my hands when I was 12. As I got older, I started my collection of 35mm cameras, first collecting manual cameras, and then more sophisticated equipment. A camera never left my side. After high school, I worked for Picture Perfect in Guilford, CT. My interest in photography grew. I took classes and studied the entire process of photography, from portraits to development and enhancement.

    The photographers I met through Picture Perfect were a great influence on me. From them I learned all about film photography and then digital photography. Everyday is an exciting learning experience in the digital world. After 23 years at Picture Perfect, the store closed in the spring of 2008. It was a great loss for me, but also an opportunity for me to continue my passion for photography on my own.

    Being a mother of two boys I understand wanting to capture every bit of their lives. I want to create images that I would want of my own children. I have always enjoyed taking unique and creative portraits of families and their children. I believe in taking photos of people in their own environments, going to places and taking photos of people just being themselves. Children want to play. This is why I prefer to take photos of them playing at the beach or in the park doing what they do best…having fun.

    Wedding photography is special for me. I love being a part of a couple’s most important day of their lives, their wedding day. These are the memories that will last a lifetime and to capture them on file preserves them for a lifetime. I love being able to capture that first kiss as husband and wife…a moment in time that will mean something to them for the rest of their lives together.